Founded in 1925

Nearly a century ago, Coffin Turbo Pump pioneered the design, development and application of a high-speed, turbine-driven centrifugal pump. The Coffin Pump quickly became the industry standard for locomotive, marine and industrial boiler feed service.

Global Success

As the world's leading manufacturer of marine boiler feed pumps, Coffin partners with the largest shipyards, ship operators, plant operators and oil companies in the world. Today, you'll also find our pumps at work in many industrial settings.

Precision-Machined Parts

Coffin Turbo Pumps are manufactured by expert machinists, thoroughly inspected for quality, and tested at operational parameters. Each pump and machined component is guaranteed to meet your most exacting industry requirements.

Savings in Variable Speed

All Coffin Turbo Pumps run at variable speed, matching output pressure and flow to process requirements. This results in energy savings, improved process control and greater system reliability.


Turbo Pumps

Manufactured for superior quality, Coffin Turbo Pumps meet standard and specialized inspection requirements for a variety of industries.

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Client-focused at every project phase, Coffin provides data, specification reviews and machining quotations.

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Parts & Service

For your convenience, Coffin Turbo Pumps are serviced by our extensive network of certified Parts & Service Centers.

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